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The Sevillana Electric Company is in charge of supplying electricity to the city and has a sub-station located at km 268 of the N-IV Madrid-Cádiz highway housing two of 16,000 KVA transformers, which provide energy for La Carolina and the villages of Vilches, Santa Elena, Carboneros and Guarromán.

The transformers reduce the voltage from the 66,000 volts, used in the main electrical distribution networks, to 25,000 volts, the Industrial Estates in turn have transformers for the industrial supply of 380 V.

La Carolina also has two photovoltaic solar energy plants to generate electricity.


The Pensacola reservoir supplies the city with water. Its present capacity is 2 Hm3 and it is part of a larger reservoir complex called the Fernandina. One million cubic metres of water are pumped to La Carolina and the surrounding villages every year.

In addition, the reservoir supplies about 700,000 m3 a year to Vilches. La Carolina receives approximately 5,000 m3 of water per day, which is treated, prior to consumption, at a plant with a capacity of 200 litres a second.


All the Industrial Estates have direct access to the N4 Madrid-Cádiz motorway, which constitutes the backbone of the city and connects La Carolina to central and southern Spain.


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