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Quality of Life and Leisure

La Carolina tourism sector is strengthened by its strategic location as a gateway to Andalusia via the M4 axi. The attractiveness of the town is being valued enabling it to become a competitive and consolidated rural tourist destination.

The town's tourism strategy has been boosted in recent years, with the following guidelines:

  • Development of the hegemony of La Carolina as the capital of New Settlements.
  • Development of the mining and natural heritage of the area.
  • Cultural tourism, following routes and tours of the historic heritage of the region.
  • Sports tourism, implementing greenways and using the network of lanes and footpaths that traverse the countryside, as well as the man-made lakes of the region.

The visitor looking for a rural tourism destination has a wide range of elements to make his or her trip an unforgettable experience, the diversity of attractions; the climate, the cuisine and the tranquility that comes from this environment are the letter of introduction of our town.

Among all these attractions, wild life and mining are the most outstanding thanks to the influence of Sierra Morena, the mountain range, the Despeñaperros Nature Park Visitors Centre and all the vestiges of mining´s heyday to be found in the area.

The great civilizations that passed through this region left a legacy of diverse heritage and a rich cultural tradition marked by the use of agriculture, forestry and livestock, and the friendly nature of the locals, things which give this part of the country some extraordinary potential for tourism development.

Numerous restoration projects, supported by various Public Administrations, are currently underway in the town. The conservation and enhancement of our historical heritage are the key points and among the types of resources, we can find:

  • Parish churches and convents.
  • The “Las Navas de Tolosa” Battlefields.
  • Urban layout from the Age of Enlightenment.
  • Habitats and productive mining equipment.
  • Elements from the Age of Enlightenment
  • Local celebrations which are held in a particular way due to the legacy from other cultures.
  • Traditions and customs derived from the colonization of the New Towns of Sierra Morena.
  • Particular celebrations held around religious holidays.
  • Places of singular beauty near the rivers and lakes.
  • Greenways.
  • Hiking

The city is considered "An Urban Jewel" for its unique architectural design. Monuments include the Church of the Immaculate Conception, the Intendant Olavide´s Palace, the Customs Tower, the Monument to the Battle of Las Navas de Tolosa and the Hermitage of Saint John of the Cross.

The Cimbarra Nature Park, the Centenillo (a mining town), the Cave of the Dolls (Iberian sanctuary, etc.) are all close by the town.

Visitors may wish to go hunting and fishing. La Carolina offers the tourist a wide range of possibilities to pratise both sports. There are numerous hunting grounds with small game; rabbit, hare, patridge etc. and larger animals such as deer and wild boar and the local rivers and lakes provide the angler with hours of enjoyment. Golf can be played at the nearby Garza Course.

La Carolina is included in the “Fighting Bull Route”, there are important cattle breeding centres in the area, and the “Battles Route”.

We must also take into account the existence of an entire network of footpaths, trails, cattle tracks, etc, that cross the countryside and the added cultural elements that we encounter along them, such as water tenders, huts, cattle sheds, drinking-troughs, watchtowers used by Moors and Christians in Medieval times, mills, farms, wells ... all of which contribute to diversify tourism in the area with sporting activities such as hiking and cycling.

On the festive scene, one should note the town´s tradition of celebrating Carnival in February and the Official Fair of La Carolina on May 14th, which includes selected livestock competitions.


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