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Maximum City Support

In La Carolina we fully understand "the business mind and entrepreneurial spirit". In fact, back in the eighteenth century, when our city had just been founded, the first looms were installed and they became home to a fledgling textile industry. Subsequently, both our mining past and its evolution towards manufacturing industry has turn us into a city whose present and future is clearly linked to the development of its businesses.

Thus, throughout the years employers in Spain have chosen our city as an ideal place for developing future projects.

We are not only home to companies from Catalonia, Madrid, Valencia, the Basque Country, etc., but also to industries from Italy and Germany, working in all industrial sectors (wood, plastic, metal, automobile, electronics, energy, etc.).

The City Council of La Carolina is fully involved in the industrial promotion of the municipality.

In the last decade more than 60 companies (Spanish and overseas) have decided to set up business in our city, thanks to the extraordinary conditions of La Carolina, as well as municipal policy to support local enterprises.

Municipal support for companies installed in La Carolina consists of:

  • Building land and industrial units with very attractive financing terms.
  • Technical assistance for the free processing of all those government subsidies arising from the investment project in La Carolina.
  • Technical support during the process of installation and launching.
  • Local tax rebates; planning permission, building permit, opening licence.
  • Priority and maximum speed in handling municipal licence processes.

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Plaza del Ayuntamiento 1, 23200 La Carolina
Telf.: +34 953 66 19 59 / +34 953 68 17 41
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