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Public Aid At Maximum Strenght

Today, in La Carolina there are great incentives for businesses in our country; for their building projects and modernization.

Aid can reach up to 60% of the fundable amount, depending on the type of project:

ayudas munucipales

In addition, La Carolina benefits from aid from the Ministry of Industry, Tourism and Trade for reindustrialization. This allows companies in our city to enjoy access to direct loans from the Ministry at 0% interest, with a 5 year grace period and a 10 year repayment of principal period.

There are also grants and incentives to companies to:

  • Promote stable employment hiring.
  • Occupational training for unemployed and employed persons.
  • R+D+i



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Plaza del Ayuntamiento 1, 23200 La Carolina
Telf.: +34 953 66 19 59 / +34 953 68 17 41
Fax: +34 953 66 02 55


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