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La Carolina is the natural gateway to Andalusia via the Despeñaperros Pass. The town is located at a strategic point for land communications and serves as a gateway both towards the North and into the Levant. We are located at kilometre 269 of the Motorway of Andalusia (N-IV), exactly midpoint between Madrid and Seville.

We have important logistical infrastructure to support industry in the city with parking for heavygoods vehicles and a freight transport railway station only 20 minutes away, whose “Dry Port” Project deserves special mention.

Our province is structured by a strong road network that connects it to the rest of Andalusia and Central and Northern Spain, via the A-4, Madrid-Bailén and the A-44 Bailén-Sierra Nevada. Distances between our city and the main railway stations and airports are also short:

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Business development will be helped by the improvements to communications infrastructures already underway in Jaén;

distancia comunicaciones transporte


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Plaza del Ayuntamiento 1, 23200 La Carolina
Telf.: +34 953 66 19 59 / +34 953 68 17 41
Fax: +34 953 66 02 55


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